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Please try and support us, we are an established WEST AUSTRALIAN manufacturing company offering quality manufacturing job opportunities in WA. We appreciate the support of all existing customers and would like to welcome new ones, we have a great outlook and are easy to deal with - Manufacturing in WA isn't easy but we all win if the STATE prospers, when considering your next purchase please give LOCAL business a chance to shine.

Custom Gutters,Metal Flashings

and Cappings 

Life in the construction industry would be so easy if everything was a standard profile and size, wouldn’t it?

SMS has always been able to meet all your custom shaped metal requirements hassle-free including:

•   Flashings and apron flashings

•   Box gutters

•   Valleys

•   Barge and parapet capping’s

But when you’re dealing with roof flashings and capping features it’s never that simple.

There are old buildings with non-standard features and new constructions with unique architectural designs, as well as specific requirements for one-off jobs.

For these you need someone with the capability to produce custom flashing's and capping’s in a vast range of materials easily, accurately, and without the fuss.


We have the solution – ‘Your imagination is your only limitation!’

Custom flashings

SMS fabricates custom products for clients in the roofing, aluminium windows, ventilation and many other industries. We can accomodate commercial builders to homeowners and DIY renovators. At SMS, we are the number one choice for custom fabricated flashings of every type, offering a high-quality, custom product at affordable prices.

We offer a wide selection of flashing types for every need, such as:

  • Barrage capping​

  • Ridge capping


  • Box gutter

  • Aprons

  • Tapered flashings

  • Heavy gauge bending up to 3mm in thickness

 Other Sheet Metal Products

Besides our flashings, we can produce other sheet metal and rainwater products, including:]

  • Rainwater heads


  • Sumps​

  • Louvers

  • Standard or non standard downpipes

  • And more