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Please try and support us, we are an established WEST AUSTRALIAN manufacturing company offering quality manufacturing job opportunities in WA. We appreciate the support of all existing customers and would like to welcome new ones, we have a great outlook and are easy to deal with - Manufacturing in WA isn't easy but we all win if the STATE prospers, when considering your next purchase please give LOCAL business a chance to shine.

We aim to be the G 2 Sheet metal supplier in PERTH WA, standard and custom sheet metal work, often same or next day service / delivery available.

How we do Business.........

At SMS we want your customer experience to be first rate EVERY TIME, we have the capacity for small (One off) work and large quantities, project based orders and we aim to over the same high quality of SERVICE to all of our customers all of the time. We understand the sheet metal market and work tirelessly to ensure our clients keep coming back to us for repeat business.

What to expect from us:


  • An honest and consistent approach to how we do business


  • An open and transparent style of dealing with our customers


  • A right first time EVERY TIME to getting your order completed to your requirements


  • Expect us to keep our promises; we will always KEEP you informed if we are going to be delayed


  • We will use our industry EXPERIENCE to help you get a great outcome


  • Expect us to be easy to deal with and accommodate your delivery expectations, we will juggle our workflow where ever possible to get your goods when you need them


  • You are the priority; we will do everything we can to get a positive outcome


  • Expect us to offer a good quality product, service and price

There are many things we pride our self on at SMS. While we do believe the experience and expertise of our staff are great attributes, and make our customers feel safe in the knowledge their needs are being met, there is another element we feel is just as important if not more so, and that’s trust.

We feel there are certain elements that lead up to trust being developed between two parties, ensuring a harmonious relationship that benefit both partners.


From the first consultation to the delivery of goods, we believe in having an open and transparent approach to all business relationships. We take full ownership of any errors that have occurred on our end, and will never ‘pass-the-buck’, shift blame or point fingers.


Whether it’s the quality of our work, or the sharing of information and progress updates, we care that everything runs as smoothly as possible for you and the work you have entrusted with us. Nothing matters more to us than your complete satisfaction.


No matter if it’s deliverables or promises, consistency is a vital element to building relationships based on trust. In fact, consistency plays such a vital part in our everyday functions that it’s the cornerstone of every decision we make. From the hiring of experienced staff, through selecting the latest technology, to delivering on our promises.

That’s why without developing trust with those we have worked with, SMS would never have survived for as long as we have.

SMS Values

      -  Integrity              

      -  Progress             

      -  Excellence          

      -  Attitude              

      -  Community


  • We work with honesty. A promise is always a promise

  • We resolve issues with a win/win mindset

  • We hold ourselves responsible and accountable for our doings


  • We are leaders in the industry and we lead by example



  • We strive to become better people every day.

  • We attempt to improve ourselves personally, develop our systems, advance in engineering and production, use better technology and expand our safety procedures.

  • We endeavour to become a better company every day.

  • We set high standards and strive for excellence


  • Our commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort leads us to success

  • Excellence in quality, in how we conduct ourselves, in leadership and in safety


  • We start every day with a positive attitude, with a smile and a will to succeed

  • We work as a team

  • We communicate

  • We work co-operatively


  • We respect one another

  • We respect our company and what it provides for us


  • We believe in leadership – inside and outside the organisation

  • We work with integrity and honesty


  • We respect and value our employees, customers and suppliers

  • We believe we have a social responsibility in our community to give back. Adding value to our community is fundamental


  • We believe in providing a positive learning environment for young apprentices to learn and grow